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CV0452021-200 Test Fixture

Touch Screen Test Fixture

Test Fixture

Test Fixture GUI

  • 20,000 plus test cycles
  • Top, bottom, and mixed contact orientations
  • Designed for testing all kinds of P-Cap Sensors
  • Soft contact actuation completely eliminates pad damage

Testing Concept

The tester measures the admittance of nodes where each node is formed by a cross section between a row electrode and a column electrode. The tester sends an AC voltage on a row and calculates the current returning on a column. There is also the ability to view an image of the test results, seeing each node and it’s value. The user can save the sensor image as well.

Hardware Components

The CV0452021-200 features three main pieces of hardware. The test controller, which is the black box to the left. This is the main functional circuit that measures the admittance of the sensor’s row-column cross sections, calculates the values and sends the data to a computer. The second piece of hardware is the test adapter, the green circuit connected to the test controller. This adapter contains the traces and connections that drive the test signals to corresponding rows and columns. The final piece of hardware is the quick connector, the aluminum unit which the DUT is inserted. Our quick connector is rated at 20,000 plus cycles, whereas a standard ZIP-Lock connector has a limited actuation life.

System Requirements and Software

  • PC with Windows 7, 8, or 10
  • Software installation of test files provided by Z-Axis