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Custom Connectors for Electronics

The Z-Axis Connector Company manufactures custom electronic connectors, commonly known as Elastomeric Connectors.
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Delivering Fast Specialty Custom Connectors

Our elastomeric connectors start with Z-Flex high-density straight-line flex circuits, which are formed, wrapped, filled, or embedded in an elastomeric core. 50-micron conductors on 100-micron centers are the standard, but we can produce greater densities depending on what the project requires. We stock silicone rubber in various formulations, and connectors can often be created and shipped within days. Specific requests are encouraged for specialty wire, custom patterns and wire groupings, and even specially compounded elastomers. Silicone materials are also stocked most often for LCD to PCB interconnects.
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Fast Delivery Specialty Connector

We stock silicone rubber in various formulations, and can often build and ship a custom connector in days. We encourage specific requests and will bring in specialty wire (larger or smaller diameter, flat, alternate plating, alternate alloys, thermocouple wires, etc…), create custom patterns and wire groupings, (closer or looser pitch or spacing), and add specially compounded elastomers to deliver a custom connector specifically tailored to your application.

We also stock blocks of conductive silicone materials that are used most often as LCD to PCB interconnects. We process these components into custom connectors based on variable dimensions of Length x Height x Width. Our elastomeric connectors can be processed as a solid strip or with foam or insulating silicone on one or both sides. Using rapid prototyping techniques, custom plastic shells and holders for a specialty connector can be supplied quickly.

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Z-Axis specialty connectors for electronics start with Z-Flex high-density straight line flex circuits. The flat flex circuits we build are then formed, filled, wrapped or embedded in an elastomeric core to create a custom connector. Our standard products offer 50-micron conductors on 100-micron centers and we are capable of greater densities if required. The elastomeric connector is then compressed against two substrates to create electrical connection. Design criteria for our custom connectors can be found in our design guide.
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We form rubber to precise tolerances for more custom design choices. We can create stepped elastomeric connector elements for sealing or mechanically demanding situations, picture frame elements for peripheral connections, triangular frames for self-locating features, and round or hollow forms for universal placement or reduced deflection forces. If you have an idea for a specialty connector shape, we will try to accommodate your wish.


Elastomeric Connectors can create a gasket-like seal for harsh environments, excel in shock and anti-vibration applications, and feature redundant electrical paths for high-reliability connections. Elastomeric connectors can be found in cell phones, flight data recorders, radar systems, test equipment, etc... From high volume consumer applications to the smallest of concept custom connectors, we encourage and appreciate your inquiries about our products and capabilities. Please call us today!

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