Data Communications

When Speed and Contact Redundancy Ensure Quality Communications

Commercial products and consumer electronics manufacturers are seeking ways to improve their product, gain brand recognition, and take steps beyond their competitors. Fast, flexible and redundant contact elastomeric connectors can give your product that edge. The lightweight and flexible nature of the connectors allow for unique product design and ensure proper connectivity to key components.
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data communications

Elastomeric Connectors

Z-Axis elastomeric connectors support data communication projects with low profile solderless contacts that many mechanical connectors cannot match. The unique design of elastomeric connectors can be perfect for space limited components and systems. Unlike mechanical connectors, elastomers do not have fragile pins that can bend or break or require special tools to install or replace. The silicone rubber core and gold-plated copper wire retains its usefulness in harsh environments and over wide temperature ranges.

Manufacturing Processes

Manufacturing processes can be simplified and streamlined with the use of elastomeric connectors. The lack of soldering for connection allows for on-line rework, disassembly or testing. Upgrades can be made to equipment in the field, also without special tools or requirements.

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