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Military, Avionic,and Aerospace Applications

Z-Axis manufactures custom connectors for specialty military applications.


Military Applications use Z-Axis Connectors because of their advantages when:

  • Shock and vibration issues are a concern.
  • Existing fine pitch connectors are too fragile.
  • Connectors need to be easily replaced.
  • A low unit and tooling cost custom connection is required.
  • Vertical space is at a premium.
  • Horizontal space is at a premium.
  • Right angle connections are needed in a small physical space.
  • Alignment of multiple high-density connectors is problematic during assembly.
  • Solder bridging of high-density connections is a problem.
Smart Munition Connector
Slots can be machined into metal housings
Microwave Modules can be connected or tested with tuned loop connectors
Low Profile Connector used in an avionics application

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