When Flexibility and Performance are Essential to National Security

In defense communications and equipment, reliability and performance are the driving forces in keeping our soldiers safe and informed. Elastomeric connectors provide a unique solution that delivers high speed communications and contact redundancy. Their flexibility connects key components in small spaces, and keeps maintenance to a minimum.
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Elastomeric Connectors

Elastomeric connectors also support defense projects when compared to mechanical connectors. Their unique design allows for solderless connections, and avoids the use of pins, which can be fragile and break easily. The silicone rubber used does not crack, become soft or brittle, and retains its usefulness throughout the equipment’s life span. The connectors can survive in a wide range of temperature, humidity and other extremes.
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Manufacturing Processes

Manufacturing processes can be simplified and streamlined with the use of elastomeric connectors in defense equipment. Their ease-of-use increased assembly efficiency, and requires no special equipment or tools to install. The lack of soldering for connection allows for on-line rework or disassembly. Upgrades and repairs can be made to equipment in the field, also without special tools or requirements.

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