Design Guide

Understanding the Geometry of Elastomeric Connectors

At Z-Axis, we pride ourselves on manufacturing connectors precisely to your application. Our custom approach ensures that each connector we deliver has unmatched performance and reliability. Design guidelines to follow are below:

  • Connector Length (Lc):
    • The length of the connector is crucial for ensuring complete coverage of the contact pads, accommodating any potential shifting during use. To guarantee full coverage of the contact pads including any possible shifting, the connector length is generally .025” (0.64mm) greater than the distance from the edge of the first pad to the edge of the last pad.
  • Connector Height (Hc):
    • The height is essential for achieving the right deflection, maintaining a secure and optimal connection. Proper height ensures that the connector can absorb shocks and vibrations while still maintaining contact integrity. Z-Axis recommends that under worst case conditions, the connector is designed to allow for a minimum deflection equivalent to 5% of the connector height
  • Connector Width (Wc):
    • The width is determined by several key criteria, including deflection forces, stability, and manufacturability. A precise width maximizes the connector’s effectiveness, ensuring it meets the demands of your specific application.

      In general, the following equation will offer acceptable width values based on a given connector height (Hc).

      Connector Width (Wc) = Hc / 2.5 (may range from 1 to 5)

By carefully calculating these dimensions, we maximize the effectiveness and reliability of our elastomeric connectors, providing you with a superior solution for your unique application. Trust Z-Axis Connector Company to deliver connectors that not only meet but exceed your expectations.

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Notes for Custom Housing for Your Connector

For the end product, the housing has multiple functions and benefits, including deflection stop (flat landing at each end of the housing), connector support, ribs holding the connector in place during assembly, room for displacement, aligning mating substrates, and facilitating clamping. Slot length (Ls) must allow for tolerances and should be slightly larger. Slot height (Hs) can be used as a deflection stop and should allow for possible board variations. Slot width (Ws) should have a slight interference to hold the connector in place. The housing ribs are critical to the functionality of the connector. They hold the connector in place, locate it to the slot, and allow room for deflection during assembly.

Considerations for the Design

Every connector built by Z-Axis Connector Company is designed to fit properly for the application. The mating substrates should be aligned to maximize the number of conductors to eliminate shorting, while the tolerances should be held as tightly as possible for the best registration of the mating contact pads. The contact pads must always be flat, clean, and free of contaminants. Isopropyl alcohol can be used to clean the substrates, but make sure all surfaces are completely dry at the time of assembly. Always keep the contact area free of solder mask, including between the pads and around the perimeter, or it interferes with the housing properly seating. For any other questions about our capabilities, or to start your order for custom elastomeric connectors, call Z-Axis Connector Company to get a free consultation!

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