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Elastomeric Connectors & Their Applications

Because of their excellence in devices with concerns of shock and vibration, elastomeric connectors are used for a variety of electronic devices heavily reliant on a stable connection, especially in challenging environmental conditions. Soldering can be too fragile and undependable under these circumstances. The connector provides multiple points of contact with the conductive layers and the connector itself, forming to the contacted surfaces for a gasket-like seal. Silicone is used for its excellent aging properties, electrical reliability, chemical stability, and outstanding performance in shock and vibration. Additionally, the connectors are easily installed by usually clamping them in place, which cuts time, effort, and cost in the assembly of devices.

From avionics to communications technologies, these connectors can be found in a large number of devices used by professionals and ordinary consumers. Their utilization has found a home in such applications as LCD and speaker interconnections, board-to-board solutions, microphones, and vibratory motors. With their reliability in conditions of adverse stability and environment, elastomeric connectors are useful in a broad range of mobile electronic devices to provide solid performance and durability. And with their ease of installation coupled with lower cost and high effectiveness, their applications prove a lucrative technological investment for the assembly process.


Flat Flex Cable Connectors
(Chip on Glass) COG LCD Flat Panel Display Connectors
High Speed Module, RF and MMIC Connectors
Medical Miniature Connectors
EL or LED Backlight Connectors
Parallel Board to Board Connectors
Custom Array Connectors
Aerospace-Avionics-Military Connectors
Test Connector Components
Custom Test Connectors and Sockets
Concentric Ring Connectors
LCD Glass Display Elastomeric Connectors
LCD Module Specialty Connectors
Micro Miniature Connectors
Custom Connectors


Flat Flex Test Sockets
Custom Test Connectors and Sockets

High-Quality Connectors from Z-Axis Connector Company

If your business produces electronics that call for elastomeric connectors, Z-Axis Connector Company supplies custom-designed connectors internationally to customers. Just send us your concepts and we can start by making 3D models to take them to printed plastic prototypes promptly. With special production equipment designed and built by us, we provide products that are innovative, stable, and cost competitive at an international level. Our dedicated teams of scientists, engineers, and production, sales, and customer service staff can create your concept in a matter of days. If you have any questions or you’re interested in acquiring the services Z-Axis Connector Company, call us for a free consultation!

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