Wireless Microphones

When a Secure Connection Ensures a Quality Performance

Wireless microphones require secure connections to capture audio without distortion, static, and error. Key moments in a performance could be missed when the connection between the base and microphone occur. Designing your wireless microphones to include a fool proof connection is essential to capturing every moment perfectly.
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Elastomeric Connectors

Elastomeric connectors provide wireless microphone manufacturers with a faster, easier way to build their components, while simplifying the product design. Mechanical connectors can become lose, and cause recordings to fail. The silicone rubber used does not crack, become soft or brittle, and retains its ability to keep a secure connection for years. The connectors can survive in a wide range of temperature, humidity and other extremes that can arise in different performance venues and situations.
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Manufacturing Processes

Wireless microphone manufacturing processes can be simplified and streamlined with the use of elastomeric connectors, as well. Their ease-of-use increased assembly efficiency, and requires no special equipment or tools to install. The lack of soldering for connection allows for on-line rework or disassembly. Upgrades can be made to equipment in the field, also without special tools or requirements.

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