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Z-Axis Connector Company

Elastomeric Connectors

Custom Elastomeric Connectors

Z-Axis Connector Company designs and builds elastomeric connectors. Corporately established in 1995, our staff includes accomplished engineers and customer service personnel dedicated to bringing your vision to reality. Our ISO9001:2015 certified quality management system and business processes are organized to receive design requirements and then output design recommendations with accompanying drawings, pricing and delivery estimates. We build and use our own special production equipment allowing our products to be internationally competitive. Prototyping for our elastomeric connectors is typically quite fast and low cost.


Custom Order High Volume & Miniature Connectors

As a company driven to solve customer challenges with cost-effective solutions, Z-Axis Connector Company designs and manufacturers elastomeric connectors to your specifications, which in turn can reduce the production costs of your electronic assemblies. Because we design and build our own special equipment, our connectors are custom made to be stable, innovative, and cost competitive at an international level. If you have questions about our company, elastomeric connectors, or capabilities and want to find out how we can help you, call Z-Axis Connector Company today for a free consultation!

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Zwrap-Generic web loop 150
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The Benefits of Elastomeric Connectors

Elastomeric connectors are a worthy choice for connecting electrical components when soldering isn’t an option. They can create a gas-tight seal for harsh environments and are a viable choice for shock and anti-vibration applications. Z-Axis connectors feature fine wires closely spaced to provide redundant electrical paths to increase reliability in high density applications. Unlike with mechanical stamped spring connectors, often no tooling is required allowing custom component availability with off-the-shelf pricing. Using silicone rubber and multiple conductive paths for each connection, these connectors are found in electronics that include cell phones, radar systems, test equipment, and devices with LCD interconnections. Please contact us for your next project.

Z-Axis Connector Company

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