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When Quality and Reliability Make All the Difference

Medical device equipment and devices are a core component of our healthcare system and must perform every time to help save files and treat the ill and injured. Fast, flexible and redundant elastomeric connectors can help your medical device meet that challenge. The lightweight and flexible nature of the connectors allow for more unique product design, and ensure proper connectivity to key components.

Elastomeric connectors provide medical device manufacturers with a faster, easier way to build their components, while simplifying the product design. Mechanical connectors take up extra space, can require more wires and present challenges during assembly. Flexible elastomeric connectors make assembly easier, and testing of key components faster to ensure your production line is always running to meet the demand of medical facilities and treatment centers.

Manufacturing processes can be simplified and streamlined with the use of elastomeric connectors, as well. Their ease-of-use increased assembly efficiency, and requires no special equipment or tools to install. The lack of soldering for connection allows for on-line rework or disassembly. Upgrades can be made to equipment in the field, also without special tools or requirements. Elastomeric connectors are easy enough for technicians to replace components on-site, when replacement parts are shipped out.

Contact Z-Axis Connectors to Discuss Your Next Medical Device Project

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