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The Z-Axis Connector Company manufactures miniature electronic connectors, also known as micro miniature connectors.
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Two basic strategies drive our elastomeric connector business:

  • Solve specific customer challenges.
  • Reduce costs with automated modular machinery.

We provide innovative and internationally cost competitive custom connectors by designing and building our own special production equipment. Established in 1995, we are a privately held corporation staffed with accomplished engineers and scientists, dedicated sales and customer service personnel, and experienced production operators and managers.

From high volume consumer applications to the smallest of micro miniature connectors, we encourage and appreciate your inquiries about our products and capabilities. Please call us today!

custom connector
LCD module flex snap


The Z-Axis miniature electronic connector shown above is used in a military avionics application to make a low profile connection of merely 0.8mm. (We have produced some parts as thin as 0.3mm) To build this unit, a Z-Flex high density straight line flex circuit is wrapped around an elastomeric core to create a micro-miniature connector. Our standard products offer 50 micron conductors on 100 micron centers and we are capable of greater densities if required. These fine wires create multiple conductive paths across the two substrates to be connected for an extra margin of reliability. The elastomeric connector is compressed against two substrates to create high density electrical connections that are low profile, solderless, and develop a gasket-like seal. Elastomeric connectors can be found in cell phones, flight data recorders, radar systems, test equipment, etc.
array miniature connector


Using rapid prototyping techniques custom shells can be built to accept multiple strips to create a custom array of contacts. We stock silicone rubber in various formulations, and can often build and ship a custom miniature electronic connector in days. We encourage specific requests and will bring in special wire (larger or smaller diameter, flat, alternate plating, alternate alloys, thermocouple wires, etc...), create custom patterns and wire groupings, (closer or looser pitch or spacing), and add custom compounded elastomers to deliver a miniature electronic connectors specifically tailored to your application.

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