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Established in 1995, Z-Axis Connector Company is a privately held corporation dedicated to connector manufacturing. Our team consists of accomplished scientists, engineers, skilled operators and managers, and dedicated sales and customer service professionals. At Z-Axis, we adhere to two core strategies: addressing specific customer challenges and optimizing costs using automated modular machinery. To streamline our design and manufacturing processes, we leverage our expertise to design and construct specialized production equipment in-house. The result is a range of innovative, cost-competitive connectors that meet your requirements. From high-volume consumer applications to micro-miniature connectors of the smallest measurements, we cater to a diverse range of customer needs. Partner with Z-Axis Connector Company and unlock unparalleled connectivity solutions tailored to drive your business success.
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Two Basic Strategies Drive Our Elastomeric Connector Business:

  1. Solve specific customer challenges.
  2. Reduce costs with automated modular machinery.

We provide innovative and cost competitive custom connectors by designing and building our own special production equipment. Established in 1995, we are a privately held corporation staffed with accomplished engineers and scientists, dedicated sales and customer service personnel, and experienced production operators and managers.

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Building Components to Your Customization

These components are processed into custom connectors based on the variable dimensions of length, height, and width. We process a sheet of wires embedded in coverlay and form a solid strip of silicone on one or both sides. Plastic shells and holders can be supplied quickly for any custom connector using rapid prototyping techniques. Insert molding to create a gasket-connector combination has been a successful solution.

Microminiature Connectors

Our custom connectors include microminiature connectors of the smallest measurements for industries like military avionics and communications technology. Our rapid prototyping techniques can produce custom shells for multiple strips or a custom array of contacts. Custom patterns and wire groupings, alternate plating and alloys, and thermocouple wires are a few of the specialized design elements we can produce, and we encourage specific requests to tailor your order for specific applications. If you have questions about our capabilities or you’re ready to get started on a specialized order, call us for a free consultation!

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