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Z-Round Connector

Z-Round Connector Elements are made of tightly spaced wire filaments formed to a circular shape which when compressed, create electrical contact.

To specify a custom Z-Round Connector for your application, please complete a drawing template or contact us directly.

Z-Round Connector Element Options

Wire Metallurgy

We maintain a stock of the following wire types:

  • Z-Alloy
  • Gold Plated Copper
  • Gold

We are able to build connector elements with almost any wire and will respond to special requests for materials such as Chromel, Alumel, Inconel, etc… We will also work with wire supplied by our customers, as long as the material is continuous. We also work with conductive polymer fibers.

Rubber Core

The standard core material for Z-Axis Connectors is 50 Shore A durometer silicone rubber, with a temperature range of -45o to 125oC [-49o to 257oF]. Other choices are available for higher and lower temperatures, softer or harder durometers, and rubbers other than silicone.

Outline Dimensions and Tolerances

Measurements of outline features in an unrestrained condition are subject to variation. If necessary, use mutually designed and accepted inspection fixtures for verification of finished dimensions.Because we build our own manufacturing equipment, if your application requries a longer, shorter, wider or thinner connector, please do not hesitate to contact us with such a request. It may be a relatively simple matter to go beyond the listed standard dimensions.

The minimum standard dimensions and typical tolerances are:

Length: 2.54 mm +/- 0.250 or 0.100 inches +/- 0.010
Width: 1 mm +/- 0.125 or 0.039 inches +/- 0.005

The maximum standard dimensions and typical tolerances are:

Length: 20 cm +/- 0.250 or 8.00 inches +/- 0.010
Width: 13 mm +/- 0.125 or 0.500 inches +/- 0.005

Wire Size and Pitch

The standard, in-stock diameter wire used for Z-Axis connector elements is 0.05 mm (0.002 inch).We are able to build connector elements with almost any size or shape wire (such as ribbon) and will respond to special requests for wire or ribbon as thin as 0.01078 mm (0.0007 inch).

The pitch of wires for most Z-Axis connector elements is 0.10 or 0.125mm (0.004 or 0.005 inch). We are able to offer closer or wider spacing depending on the requirements of the application. We are able to group wires on a repeatable basis and can place wires accurately from a reference edge or other physical feature.

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